Tuesday, September 20, 2016

July 2015

Ignited by a flame that rests within
I was woken by a suggested sense of drama
To write about the power of the world
An unforeseen unforsaken tireless act of drama
Would hold you to the things that you believe
Hold you to the promise you must keep
Hold you to the whispers in your sleep
Achieve achieve don't run away in fear
Don't run away because it's all unclear 

I see the flame fill you
And boil up within you
Bubbling until it's reached its brim
Filling filling filling
Then spilling spilling spilling 
Over the edges and down the sides
Your heart exposed again 
You let them in
I cannot sleep until it all falls out
All of the ideas they come through
What once was serepate  United whole
United now within a common goal
Play and play and play 
And still you are okay 
And still you are the one making history 

I indulge in thoughts of freedom, a life that's on the edge 
A life that has a reason, follow the reason

The winter rain it strikes again
It pulls us in
To its vortex

I have a picture of you
Moving mountains 
and I'll take a note
Inspired by wild forces
To rhyme with you one or two times
Ride the wave just on in
Jung on in the water is great

I was woken by the global meditation to write a song about embracing change
Don't be Afraid 

Fear is an Indiana illusion
Fear will lock you in and hold you back
It's unhelpful

Fear is an Indiana illusion
Indiana inspiration
Woken by a desperation 
An attitude brought out in me that wasn't me and wasn't you

Life is big but does it all makes sense.
The universe is called?
Half asleep. 

I am ready, I am ready for you 

November 2015

And one day
The things that we behold will be old
The things that we do will be seen
As in the past
But you are significant to me
And that means something
That men's everything
Technology with progress and I could digress
But we are in our era.
We are telling our story
And I choose to focus on the present
And love you without boundaries 

When you realize that you're in your own era, and it's all been done before
Or has it?


Do what I want and I'll do it my way 

Growing or changing?

Are you home when you're home
Are you growing or changing

Choose the glow.

Illuminated by the light or dulled by its beauty?
Do you shine because of what is seen or because they see it?
Weren't you afraid to be seen in the first place? Are you still?
Perspective shifts outwards to inwards,. You choose the glow. 


Am I relaxed in my own company
Or do I feel on the outside

Live the life you lust.